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19 Years Old - girlsdoporn.com; Its always awesome when we get a girl referred to us by someone we don't have to do anything but tell her how much and who she's fucking. It works out great both parties definitely more so for us when the girl is as hot as this 20 y/o cocktail server. She explains she gets hit on constantly at work and I definitely believe that, but the tips cant be that good because today she is making her very first adult video. She has a great body nicely rounded tits and a great ass on her I know you guys will love. This girl worried me a little when she said she likes intimate sex instead of rough sex haha but our actor ended up fucking her so hard she said she could barely walk for three days after the video. She has done a couple threesomes before including one with a pro skateboarder Nyjah Huston.. Being that she is allergic to latex there is no condom in this video and she gets finished off with a cream pie. This girl is a winner trying to get her back trust me!

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6 February 2018

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