EA- Model Behavior – Natalia Starr - Hard Anal Sex

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EA- Model Behavior – Natalia Starr – Hard Anal Sex

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EA- Model Behavior – Natalia Starr - Hard Anal Sex, Elegant Anal Sexy blonde model Natalia has a lot of fun posing in the dressing room, but when it comes time for the photo shoot, photographer Mick isn`t as impressed with her poses. The moody Euro photog can`t seem to find a position he wants to see Natalia in, and finally he calls it quits for the day. Back in the dressing room, Natalia slips out of her lacy lingerie, but she loves the shiny jeweled necklace so much she can`t bear to take it off. The mischievous blonde asks Mick if there is any way she can persuade him to let her take it home! After Natalia more than earns the bling with a blowjob, the newly inspired Mick wants to see her in every position, from cowgirl to missionary, and even fucks her tight little ass! Natalia cums all over Mick is cock before he sends her home with the jewels and a pearl necklace!

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10 January 2018

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