The House Cleaners – Kenna James and Khloe Kapri

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The House Cleaners – Kenna James and Khloe Kapri

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The House Cleaners – Kenna James and Khloe Kapri; Kenna James and Khloe Kapri have a job to do. Khloe wants to quit, stay home and spend the day fucking Kenna. The idea sounds tempting but the girls have bills to pay and they have no choice. Kenna stops kissing her and tells her they can continue this later. Disappointed, Khloe gathers their things to leave. At the client is house, the girls start in the bedroom. Kenna states that they have to do some laundry but Khloe can`t get her mind out of the gutter. She points out that the sheets aren`t even dirty and that there is no point in cleaning them if they haven`t been slept in. Kenna reminds her that is it is on the to-do list and that they have to clean them. Khloe pushes Kenna onto the bed stating that if they are going to wash these sheets they may as well use them first. Kenna giggles telling her that this is not a good idea but Khloe doesn`t care. She wants to finish what they started in the house and won`t take no for an answer. She jumps on Kenna and starts ripping her clothes off. Kenna is worried that the owners might walk in at any moment but instead of stopping, Khloe she gets even more turned on, ripping Kenna is pants off in the process. Despite the risk of getting fired Khloe is ready to risk it all she hates this job and would much rather be spending her time eating Kenna is pussy!

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31 January 2018

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