Lesbian Workout Stories: The Cooldown – AJ Applegate, Jessa Rhodes

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Lesbian Workout Stories: The Cooldown – AJ Applegate and Jessa Rhodes

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Lesbian Workout Stories: The Cooldown – AJ Applegate and Jessa Rhodes, Aj Applegate and Jessa Rhodes return home from an intense workout at the gym. Jesse is exhausted, she goes and takes a shower while Aj checks her emails. As Jessa undresses Aj can`t help but take a peak. Seeing her naked body is turning her on. Aj just has to get a closer look. Seeing the hot water against Jessa is perfect body makes Aj wants to join her in there.She starts touching herself thinking about all the things they could be doing in there together. Jessa Rhodes catches a glimpse of Aj in the mirror and likes what she sees. AJ is completely unaware of Jesse and has no idea that they are both masturbating over each other. Jesse shuts off the water and off goes Aj running back to the couch trying desperately not to get caught. She tried to make a run for it but Jessa knows she was watching her and is turned on.Aj tries her best to cover it up and keeps making excuses to leave but Jessa knows it is all an act. She touches her shoulders and starts taking off her top telling that she saw her watching her shower. Aj wonders why it took her so long to tell her, she responds that she is was just having some fun with her and after all, the chase is better than the catch. They start kissing but Aj is still a little shy, Jessa tells her that since they are friends she’s shouldn`t be and should give in to her desires.

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17 January 2018

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