Lipstick Lesbians – Penny Pax, Brett Rossi and Angela White

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Lipstick Lesbians – Penny Pax, Brett Rossi and Angela White

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Lipstick Lesbians – Penny Pax, Brett Rossi and Angela White, Angela White is the toughest talent manager in the business and never takes no for an answer. She gets what she wants when she wants it. When she arrives at her 3 o clock meeting she is not in the least impressed. Whatever Brett Rossi is selling, which in this case is lipstick; it doesn`t look like Angela is buying any of it. Angela realizes that Brett and Penny Pax will do anything for this deal to go through. Deciding to put them through the ringer, she asks them to model for her. Does this lipstick go on smooth? Is it kiss proof?Brett will do anything to get this agency is top model to wear this lipstick, so she starts kissing her young assistant Penny. When Angela tells her to use tongue in order to makes sure the lipstick is non-toxic, the girls go all out, making out in front of her. When Angela sees that they are willing to do anything to get this deal to go through, she is sure as hell going to take advantage.Penny licks Angela is voluptuous tits, sucking them into her tiny little mouth. Angela then undresses as Brett puts Penny is face deeper into Angela is pussy, pushing it down with her foot. It is Brett is turn now, if she wants to seal the deal, she is gotta let Angela sit on her face. Brett is reluctance at first but quickly realizes that she is gonna have to do what she is told. Like any strong woman, Angela likes to dominate and be dominated. They tag team her as Penny plays with her tits as Brett eats her out, they each take a breast as they pitch her nipples, slap and suck on her tits. Penny finishes them off by licking both of their pussies simultaneously, and like any good subordinate, she gets them both off nice and proper!

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17 January 2018

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