The Lost Phone – Jill Kassidy and Nia Nacci interracial Lesbian

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The Lost Phone – Jill Kassidy and Nia Nacci

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The Lost Phone – Jill Kassidy and Nia Nacci; Nia Nacci found a cell phone on the street and is going through it in order to find it is owner. When she decides to go through the photos, she can`t believe how hot the owner actually is. Suddenly, the phone rings and it is Jill Kassidy. Jill asks Nia if they can meet so she can get her phone back. Nia gives her the address and Jill tells her she is on her way. Jill thanks Nia for finding her phone and notices that her pics on her phone are displayed. When she confronts Nia about this, she gets a flat denial. Jill knows she is lying but is somewhat flattered that she was looking at them. When she asks her again, Nia admits that the pictures are really nice. Jill asks her if she is ever been with a girl before. When Nia says no and then Jill asks her if she wants to touch her tits. She picks up Nia is hands and puts them on her breasts, asking her if she likes how they feel. Before Nia has a chance to say anything, she lifts her shirt up and puts them on her bare skin. Jill starts kissing Nia and the girls start making out. Wanting to see them for herself, Jill takes off Nia is shirt to reveal her perfect school-girl tits. She starts sucking on them and remarks how great they taste. Nia returns the favor by sucking on Jill is tits, asking if she is doing it right. Regardless of her inexperience, Jill moans in delight, stating that she is a natural. Jill can`t wait a moment longer and dives into Nia is pussy. She starts eating her out, making her cum almost immediately. It is Jill is turn now and Nia is eager to eat her pussy. The girls 69 and trib as Jill fucks Nia and spreads her pussy juices all over her cunt. It is Nia is turn to fuck Jill as she gets on top and grinds her wet pussy. It looks like this lost found paid off for both of them!

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31 January 2018

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