Mistaken Identity – Brandi Love and Gina Valentina

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Mistaken Identity – Brandi Love and Gina Valentina

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Mistaken Identity – Brandi Love and Gina Valentina, Gina Valentina is dad is going to be home late from work but her new stepmom will be passing by. It is her responsibility to make sure she feels welcome. Committed to the task she greets her enthusiastically when she arrives. Brandi Love tries to tell her that she is there to clean but Gina keeps cutting her off, asking her a ton of questions. As a result of this misunderstanding, she thinks that is she talking to her stepmom.Brandi tries to get to work and reaches for the cleaning products and Gina stops her again and again. She insists that they get to know each other and that she can worry about that stuff later. Gina gets tired of her explanations and offers her an ultimatum. To please her or else! As the resident princess, Gina always gets what she wants; reluctant at first Brandi decides to play along to ensure that she keeps her job.Taking off her shirt Gina sucks on Brandi’s succulent tits, turning her around she pulls her down her pants and starts biting her ass. Brandi is still unsure about all this but wants this gig so she plays along. Gina starts licking her ass cheeks as she removes her panties and starts eating her from behind. It is Brandi is turn now as Gina as climbs on the counter telling her she’s been a dirty girl and that it is time clean her pussy with her tongue. Tongue fucking her, Gina she moans in delight. They eat each other out and fuck each other faces. Taking full advantage of the counter they 69 as Brandi finger fucks Gina for the grand finale!

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17 January 2018

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