Skinny Dipping – Carter Cruise and Kali Roses Lesbian

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Skinny Dipping – Carter Cruise and Kali Roses

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Skinny Dipping – Carter Cruise and Kali Roses, Kali Rose takes a walk in her neighborhood and stumbles upon a pool. She figured she can take a quick dip before anyone notices. Getting confortable and used to the warm water Kali takes of her bikini. Carter Cruise is home though and notices a super hot girl swimming alone in her pool and goes outside to investigate. Kali, who is having a grand old time, doesn`t notice Carter is walking behind her and almost has a heart attack when Carter makes her presence known.Kali starts telling her a sob story about stumbling into her backyard by accident: she apologizes and tries to leave. Carter is not buying any of this telling her that she can`t just come in here and not hang out with her. Carter takes off her clothes confusing Kali who is still a little shaken up from getting caught.Carter jumps into the pool and tells her to stay awhile as she pulls her closer to her naked body. Kali protests stating that they don’t know each other but her body language says different, she is enjoying this game of cat and mouse. Kali worries that they might be seen by the neighbors so Carter takes this a cue to go inside. The girls proceed to enter the master bedroom as Carter throws Kali on the bed.Kali is still a little apprehensive but she’s doesn`t want to stop either. Once Carter starts eating her pussy, leaving is no longer an option. Fingering and eating each other is pussies and asses, tribbing and scissoring it looks like the bed is now wetter than the water!

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17 January 2018

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